The House You're Building
by Audrey Assad

I have become convinced that there are no bad or irrelevant Audrey Assad songs; merely Audrey Assad songs that resonate with a part of your spiritual journey that you haven't arrived at yet! All three of her albums are amazing, but this was the first that really spoke to me. The House You're Building is sometimes upbeat and energetic, sometimes thoughtful, and sometimes even touches upon the desolation of soul as one's spiritual journey seems endless and fruitless. What this album never is, however, is shallow. Ms. Assad's ballads are contemplative at heart, and her warm vocals are a joy to listen to!

Recommended for: Someone who wants contemplative truths in a contemporary style!

Reviewer: Nicole White, Manger

Light and Peace
by R. P. Quadrupani, Barnabite
Tan Books

There are books that are designed to knock us off our high horse. There are books that remind us that we are fallen creatures whose goodness holds its origin to God's grace in our souls. There are books that caution us against self-importance and pride and spiritual presumption.

This is not one of those books.

This book is for the anxious. This book is for the depressed. This book is for the poor souls who try so hard to do the right thing that they lose track of the fact that God loves them no matter what. Gentle in style and comforting in content, Light and Peace is a blessing to anyone who suffers from scrupulosity. Written in 1795 by a Barnabite priest, the lessons and reassurances given within its pages remain absolutely timeless. Padre Quadrupani was greatly influenced by St. Francis de Sales, whose gentle, practical touch in spiritual matters can be readily discerned within the prose. This book was of incalculable benefit to my spiritual life, and enjoys a place of prominence on my bedside table. It is my hope that others who suffer from scrupulosity may find light and peace within its pages!

Recommend for: Anyone who needs peace and balance in their spiritual life!

Reviewer: Nicole White, Manager

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